Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sandboxes were never this much fun back in the day...

Developers seem to be collectively going in the direction of sandbox style games. A chunk of the "Top Ten" of last year were games where you were rewarded in any number of ways for exploring the world created for you. So it should be no surprise to gamers that a number games coming out in the next year or so are going to be set in worlds where you can explore nearly every nook and cranny. With the previously posted about inFAMOUS from Suckerpunch, to Ubisoft's I Am Alive, and this coming summer's release of Prototype, one will be able to run around wreaking havoc in the inspired cities.

Ubisoft has released some more information on I Am Alive, and it looks to be a new take on the survival genre. It tags itself as being a game in the vein of films like Day After Tomorrow, Cloverfield, and Jericho, where you play a character trying to survive as modern-day Chicago has shit rained upon it in any all violent forms by Mother Nature. Of course with Ubisoft, the focus isn't running and gunning (despite it being from first person perspective) but on stealth and diversionary tactics. The trailer and official write up can be found on here.

There's also some new gameplay footage of Prototype that makes it look like an update of The Hulk and Spiderman combined, with a bit more bloodshed. Apparently as a genetically altered superhuman, you get to square off against any number of soldiers, tanks, and helicopters, all the while running on rooftops and along the sides of buildings. I'm pretty enthusiastic about this game if it controls as tight as a game like this should (which is tight). Footage can be found on G4 here, but if you don't want tons of memory soaking ads shoved in your face, just go to Kotaku here.

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