Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 is one year shy of a decade in the future...

So as it's been a few days since January 1st, and many people have been able to catch their breath, it is unfortunate that we have been in the 2000's for almost a decade and we are still lacking all of the awesome devices promised in Back to the Future II. I am still waiting for my hoverboard, self-lacing sneakers, and ordering my food from Max Headroom. These ideas can spark debate about how people make wild predictions for dates that will soon be now. So when I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning and found this article about a well respected Russian Professor (at least as far as in Russia) claiming that the United States will start to see signs of the nation dividing as early as spring '09, it kind of made me put the brakes on. It is worth a read to play around with ideas of how the US could be affected by the divisions.

Changing gears entirely to a Sci-Fi/Drama BBC show called Doctor Who, which over the last month my feelings of a cheesy show with bad special effects changed to becoming a zealot of the stories presented, has announced the new Doctor. Presenting a guy I have never heard of before, Matt Smith. Smith will be replacing the undoubtedly fan favorite David Tennant in the role, and will apparently be the youngest actor to portray the role. It also makes him the 11th Doctor to play the role. I had heard rumors that Paterson Joseph, who played the Marquis De Carabas in Neverwhere, was going to get the role. Regardless I'm sure I'll watch, official announcement is pretty much everywhere but I found out on Newsarama here.

The protagonist of one of my favorite movies in the last year King of Kong's Steve Wiebe has an interview up on Kotaku about why he recently set the high score for Stampede. Why indeed is a good question, however, after watching King of Kong, it's kind of hard to dislike Wiebe for any reason as he comes off as a normal, just plain nice guy. Interviews are up on Kotaku here.

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