Thursday, January 29, 2009

Invisible mang and hopeful movie adaptations...

After almost a month off from the news blog and I'm back. Being broke as hell doesn't and hasn't helped me get together the necessary materials to record an audiolog. So I might just end up doing it really low budget, similar to the guys at PennyArcade's audio blogs. Let's keep the car running.

I have respect for people that try something creative with the story in science fiction/fantasy novels, comics, and video games while still retaining that sense of it occurring in a very real world. It's one thing to go into the campy territory and acknowledge that you're being ridiculous and in no way grounded in reality (see PennyArcade's latest series about "Witchaloks"). But to explore themes of small-town prejudice and xenophobia through the eyes of an invisible man could work, and it could have that sense of being grounded, something that I typically enjoy reading. There's an excellent preview about Jeff Lemire's The Nobody on Newsarama here.

Neil Jordan is set to write and direct Neil Gaiman's recent Newberry Award winning young adult/children's novel The Graveyard Book and I'm not disappointed about that. Jordan has been part of some truly great films, one of my favorites from the list being Interview with a Vampire. I'm more interested to see the cast than anything as many films most certainly can rise and fall based on this. We are all certainly aware of the upcoming Street Fighter movie adaptation with a shite cast, but comparing the source materials is not apples to apples. Based on how much Shia Lebouf loves Neil Gaiman's work, I wouldn't be surprised to see him pop into the story somewhere, although they might just save him for Death and Me. Write up about the announcement can be found here.

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