Friday, February 27, 2009

Long long long long hiatus...

There has been more than a fair share of craziness going on, moving into a new apartment, my employer's website going down permanently, and just not wanting to look the computer for hours on end put this blog on a bit of a break. Now, however, I am back, and hope to be updating a few times a week again. I will say that as it turns out, I won't be publishing a PodCast, as buying the equipment for said PodCast would be about as much money as holding my spot for Pratt Institute's Graduate Program in Communications Design that I was accepted into this week, so it won't be happening anytime soon. Regardless, here are some interesting points of news.

Wired's Blog has a great editorial about Comic Book store employees, asking the classic questions you should ask someone that is into comics, such as, "What superhero would you be?" and "What comic has become teh suck now?" It also features an interesting smattering of photographs of said employees, and their places employment (such as NYC's Midtown Comics & Forbidden Planet). I think I've actually seen a few of these guys on my assorted trips to these establishments. The article is here.

Wil Wheaton is weighing in on the debate among authors and the Author's Guild, whether or not the Kindle 2's ability to read books for the consumer aloud in a creepy digitized voice is right or infringing or not upon the author's rights. Most authors really don't think that their rights are being infrinted upon, such as Neil Gaiman, who I not only seem to inherently agree with on many points, but also is able to coherently defend his views. Wil Wheaton is now participating in the debate, siding with Neil Gaiman, and has done so by releasing audio of himself reading a passage from a book and then having his Mac do it. I think I'd rather pay for the real audio book to hear a real person read it rather than hear a voice I used to make say obscenities back in grade school, and I think this audio cast of Wheaton's reaffirms that post here.

Speaking of Wil Wheaton, and that I'm also getting further down the rabbit hole of nerdiness, is the Series 2 of the D&D podcast where the guys from Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz from PvP, and Wheaton get their rolls on. If how these guys play is how most D&D games run, I could entertain the possibility of playing a game of it sometime. Although that would mean going to the local bookstore where the owner is a dick and meeting other people who also are potentially dicks since they repeated shop or play D&D there. Ah well, series PodCast is up on the Official Wizard's site here.

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